A Mysterious Haunted Game “SAD SATAN” Came From Deep Web & Is So Scary That It Can Kill Players

There’s A Game That’s Surfaced From The Deep Web And It’s Scary As Hell. According to legend, Sad Satan clawed its way up from the Deep Web, and now that you know about it, it’s not going away. Videos of this strange game recently surfaced on our normal, everyday internet, and according to the people who found it and made it available, it comes from the dark recesses of the Deep Web.

It’s been claimed that the original version of the game was filled with upsetting images of gore and child pornography, but the version made available for us Shallow Web users, like popular YouTuber PewDiePie, has been stripped of graphic imagery and malicious code.

Despite that, or maybe because of that threat of something even worse looming out there somewhere, it’s scary as hell (if a little inscrutable).

Apologies in advance if this is like a The Ring situation and I’m causing all sorts of paranormal deaths by sharing any of this. I guess just be careful about any ghost babies crawling out of your computer monitor for the next few days.

Where Do Sad Satan Came From?

Sad Satan

In just a few months, Sad Satan has become a bit of an internet legend. Its origins are obscure, and its spread online is filled with misdirection and intrigue.

Back in June, a relatively niche YouTube channel called Obscure Horror Corner uploaded the first part of its playthrough of Sad Satan. Up until that point, Obscure Horror Corner had made a name for itself by posting footage from Japanese horror games and clips from various Asian horror films. These games were often old DOS games or independently made and distributed titles that would be tough for the average person to get their hands on.

In the description that originally accompanied the first Sad Satan video, Obscure Horror Corner claimed to have downloaded the game from the Deep Web and said and that they deleted the game before they completed it because the file was generating text documents on their desktop filled with strange text and gibberish.

Sad Satan

The game started to pick up steam after the person behind Obscure Horror Corner did an interview with Kotaku, and it wasn’t long before a link popped up claiming to be the original version of the game. The file contained graphic images of gore, human mutilation, and child pornography, and those who downloaded it claimed that it caused their computers to behave strangely and crash.

The file was later sanitized by Reddit user BlindStark on the Sad Satan subreddit, which allowed people to explore the game without having to worry about upsetting and illegal images. (Despite claims that the sanitized file is clean, I wouldn’t recommend downloading it, even if you can manage to find it.)

What Is Sad Satan?

Sad Satan

All the videos are pretty similar, and Sad Satan doesn’t really seem much like much of anything. The game itself is difficult to get a hold of, so all we really have are these five videos of Obscure Horror Corner’s playthrough to go off of.

The five videos show nearly an hour of aimless wandering down dark hallways as odd sounds play and the video slowly corrupts, warping the maze into a jagged, monochromatic mess.

Sad Satan


Sad Satan

The game apparently gets its name from the second or so of audio that loops over and over again during sections of the game — a backward clip from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Supposedly, when played in reverse, one section of the song contains hidden messages in worship of Satan:

Here are the lyrics as they’re sung:

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now, it’s just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.

Sad Satan’ is the first game to ever be discovered on the Deep Web, hidden on a part of the Internet unindexed by search engines like Google and unreachable without specialized tools.


Sad Satan

Occasionally a white screen will flash in the game with some seemingly random wingdings in small black type. A Reddit user has discovered these symbols are anything but random. They are threatening:

Sad Satan


Game Said To One User

I can track you. U are on my list,” the game threatens. “5 victim!! 🙂 :)”


These kids become the most imposing force in Sad Satan. During the first encounter with one little ghost girl, she just sort of APPEARS BEHIND YOU. She’s just there, and you can’t keep going until you confront her and squeeze past her and continue on your way. Hey, no thanks.

Sad Satan

Then for good measure, during the final encounter with the dead ghost babies, one of them chases you down, taking wild swings at you. Good times.

What Does It All Mean?


It could very well be that it doesn’t mean anything, and that it’s just a bunch of long hallways and spooky backward speech designed to scare the shit out of anyone who finds it.

The many references to child abuse and inhumanity lead some to believe the story is presented from Satan’s perspective as he wanders a world that has become too corrupt to be influenced by his evil and has forgotten about him.

Sad Satan

Others believe the message might be much darker, and that the game was created by a child abuse survivor in an attempt to express their pain.

Is It All True?

Again, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Definitely has the feel of one of those alternate reality games that starts with weird trailheads and ends up being an ad for a horror movie or some new TV show or something. If that’s the case, it’s definitely gotten out of control.

Many in the community over at the Sad Satan subreddit think that the files originally uploaded to Obscure Horror Corner were made by those behind the channel in a basic game engine called the Terror Engine, and that the story about the Deep Web and upsetting images were fabricated to add some intrigue to the narrative.

Sad Satan
Sad Satan

If you have any information about this game, have identified audio clips or have a Tor browser and dare to play it yourself, all the info you’ll need is in the description of the first Sad Satan YouTube video. Beware?

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