Man Claims To Be A Time Traveller From 2030 & Even Passed Lie Detector

Ever wondered what lies ahead for planet Earth? Well, don’t bother, because a man claiming to be a time traveller has helpfully returned to the present day to reveal what the future has in store for us. The man – who only wants to be identified as “Noah” through fear of reprisals – claims he has travelled back to 2017 from 2028.

A MAN who claims he’s from the year 2030 reportedly passed a lie detector test – and made a series of startling predictions for humanity.

Time Traveller

Remarkably, He Has Now Passed A Lie Detector Test.

A time traveler who says he’s from the year 2030 has allegedly passed a lie detector test to prove his authenticity. He claimed that Donald Trump would be re-elected in 2020 and artificial intelligence will eventually take over the world. In a shocking video posted by ApexTV, a man whose face and voice was distorted to hide his identity claims that he risked his life to travel back in time to warn people of what’s to come.

Noah’s Claims.

Artificial Intelligence Will Grow Exponentially


One of Noah’s claims was that artificial intelligence would grow and nearly everyone will have some type of Google glass-style robot. Apparently, the new AI technology will enable robots almost completely to run a household. However, the time traveler claimed that AI would never completely take over. Instead, they will learn to co-exist with humans.

Bitcoin Will Rule


The time traveler claimed that bitcoin would become increasingly popular, but “coins and bills” will still be used in America.

President Of The United States


In 2030, the U.S. president is someone named Ilana Remikee. As for who will win the 2020 election, Noah said that Trump wins by a landslide. He also suggested that global warming has caused temperatures in North America to increase, while Europe’s temperatures have decreased significantly.

Humanity Will Reach Mars


According to the Daily Mail, Noah claims that humans will reach Mars by 2028. The same year, scientists will discover how to time travel.

Electric Cars Will Take Over


The time traveler reveals that electric cars will go as fast as diesel and petrol cars. He states that most cars are electric in 2030.

Cancer Could Be Curable


In 2030, Noah suggested that most cancers will have a cure. He said that having cancer will no longer be a death sentence.

The Lie Detector Test Result

The lie detector test footage from ApexTV shows the time traveler sitting in a chair hooked up to what appears to be a polygraph lie detector around his bicep and finger. He was asked to confirm his identity and some of the events he claims would happen. According to the polygraph, he was telling the truth about everything he said.

Many people questioned the results of the lie detector test since Apex TV doesn’t show the machine and only flashes “true” or “false” on the screen.

Noah said that he has hard evidence that he is telling the truth, but he isn’t sure if anyone would believe him and that he would be risking his personal safety by releasing them.

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