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The Haunted Website Of Repleh Snatas Which Can be Used To Take Revenge

The Internet has left us more connected than we ever imagined. You can buy groceries from half way across the world, schedule birthday messages on social networks, and even set the coffee maker to prepare a fresh brew when you walk through the door. But for all the benefits, there is a darker side to the World Wide Web.

There are lot of websites which can do works you can never imagine. Some of the websites are also believed to be haunted. Same as there is a website based on repleh snatas. Repleh was a little girl who died in a early age and she was believed to be haunted. Her website is also known to be as a game. It only opens for some people. If you visit it during midnight and if you are lucky you can access it’s all features. You can submit name of a person from who you want to take revenge and ghost will take revenge from him but ghost will appear in your dreams during sleep till you die.

Who was Repleh Snatas

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The littles girls name is Repleh Snatas (pronounced Re-Pleur Snatus) & She was born sometime in the 18th century and was born after I think 3 or 4 previous miscarriages.

What Her Mother Said About Her.

The mother was quoted as saying ”They had to die, for her to live” ultra creepy! isn’t It?

What happened next?

Anyway, apparently she was born with a Birthmark on her face so she used to get abused as everyone said she was marked by the Devil. She was only allowed to go out and play at midnight (hence why you can only access the site at midnight) when everyone else was asleep. Her mother loved her but her father believed the rumors and started to slowly go insane. He would lock Repleh in a room full of mirrors and tell her that if she ever looked in a mirror then first it would crack and then the Devil would get her.

How She Died?

Unbelievable World

Basically her father ended up murdering her and her mother and then killed himself. He tied them both to trees in the forest with there backs to each other. Repleh was buried under this tree as no one wanted to give her a proper Burial.

What Legend Says

As the legend goes, if you write Repleh Snatas on the mirror 6 times under candle light and then blow the candle out, the mirror will crack and she will appear behind you. You are then suppose to relight the candle, close your eyes, and blow it out and then she will be gone. If you turn around then she will get you!”

unbelievable world

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