Indian Theories That Shocked The World But Kept Hidden

Chances are high that the world’s most interesting place is inside a conspiracy theorist’s head. A space that’s bubbling over with strange theories and lines connecting facts which most of us would think are unrelated to each other. But unconventional as many of their views are, the fact is that you cannot help but think at times, “What if it’s true?” After all, by saying that many of the conspiracy theories are unproven, we still don’t have proof against them either. These theories are from all around the world and about every part of the world. Some of the theories are proved right & some are rejected heavily. Some of these theories are hard truths but are kept hidden from public for their own safety.

These things can harm peace of our world. Some can even create riots. Sometimes facts are kept for the benefits of some powerful people. But it is for sure there are lot of things which are kept hidden from us & we as the public need to know because may somethings are not as we see them.

Here are 10 Theories about India 

1. A nuclear war in ancient India which happened almost 5000 years ago.

Ancient War In India

Jodhpur is a beautiful desert city in Rajasthan which attracts its fair share of tourists- both domestic and international. In 2010, the city was in the news for something other than its tourism potential.

For in that year, radioactive ash as well as a hidden ancient city was discovered in Jodhpur. Many believe that the ash points to the fact that the city was the site of a nuclear warfare during pre-historic period. Though natural nuclear fission could have left behind the ash, the theory of a nuclear war earns credit owing to verses in the Mahabharata that places the location as the ground for erstwhile battles.

2. The blackout of 2012 in which more than 62 crore indians found them in dark.

North India Blacked Out

About 62 crore people found themselves literally in the dark when the Northern grid- the one which is the bearer of electricity for more than 60 percent of the country’s population malfunctioned. The blackout- the largest the world has ever seen lasted for three days and was attributed to the poor quality of infrastructure and maintenance of power grids.

But conspiracy theorists declined to side with that view- they think that the power failure was a strategic move which the UPA government made for dispersing the ever-increasing crowd of the Jan Lokpal movement.

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