10 Horror Movies Sets Where Real Ghosts Actually Came & Haunted The Cast

We all fear from horror but we all love to see horror films. While watching we freak out & Whenever we are getting freaked out over a horror movie, we handle our fear by reminding ourselves that none of it is real. We remind ourselves that there is no ghost or malicious entity latched on to the movie, and it’s all a product of carefully constructed script, camera angles, music, that plays on our psyche to freak us out. This is just a movie nothing is real at all. But Do you know? in the case of some of these horror movies, it wasn’t all fake. Some of these horror movies spoke of horrors so great that maybe it translated into the film set itself, and unleashed horrors that we didn’t see in the actual movie. Here we are talking about ten such cursed horror movies that followed these movie franchises and those who associated with its making. All of these movies are super hit movies but i bet you did not knew about this behind the scene horror.

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1. The Exorcist. A Priest Was Called Many Times During The Shooting Of The Film Because There Was Too Much Unusual Activity Happening Around The Set & On It’s Premiere, Many People Fainted With Unknown Reasons.

The exorcist

The story of the curse of The Exorcist movie as believed by most people who have studied these events is that the evil entity latched on to the movie itself, thus dooming everybody who was involved in the filmmaking process. Onset fires and a series of mysterious deaths of and in the families of those on set was made into a two hour special by E!

At many points a real priest was brought in to bless the set, and he seemed sure that Satan didn’t want the film to be made. Furthering belief in the alleged curse is the fact that Jack MacGowran, who played Burke Dennings, died of influenza shortly after completing his scenes. Other oddly timed deaths included actress Vasiliki Maliaros, Max von Sydow’s brother and Linda Blair’s grandfather. Both Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair sustained fairly serious spinal area injuries during filming.

The strange activity continued after the movie was shot, with many fainting, passing out and/or vomiting upon its theatrical release. At one screening in Rome, a church nearby was struck by lightning after the audience filed into the theater, a giant cross landing in the plaza below.

2. The Amityville Horror. The Star Of The Film James Brolin Did Not Believed In The Story & Something Very Strange Happened To Him That He actually Started To Believe.


The Amityville Horror was based on the real life haunting of the Lutz family after they moved into a reportedly haunted house in Amityville, New York. The ghostly aura surrounding the real-life tale pervaded the set, but much of that has been dismissed as invention to drum up publicity. Star James Brolin, who didn’t believe in the Lutzes’ story, experienced a fright while studying the novel for the film. Initially hesitant to take the part, he agreed to do it after his pants fell from their hanger causing him to jump and nearly crash his head through the ceiling.

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