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4 Reasons Why Humans Created Myths And Religions

Myths & religions makes fundamental part of many people’s existence. They are for long time and probably will exist for long time in future. But despite being such a crucial part of human life, we simply have no idea how & when most religions & myths were created. As many of religions and myths were created in prehistory long before writing was developed. Nevertheless we are  starting to understand that why humans have created such a concepts. First of all what is religion? According to the wikipedia- Religion is any cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, world views, texts, sanctified places, ethics, or organizations, that relate humanity to the supernatural or transcendental. Still is does not explain why we created this.

We have 4 interesting explanation for why humans created myths & religion.

1. Fear Of Life, Fear Of Anything.


Fear! There is nothing which fear cannot accomplish from proving wars. The act of being scared makes humans do some crazy things. We lose our sense of purpose. We lose our direction and logic & reason often goes entirely out the window.

Could fear have led us to the creation of myths and religions? As a way of discover the meaning of life & death?


Fear is a common response to the things we don’t know or recognise but after a while this feeling dissipates and is replaced by a desire to understand more.

So in a brutal world where everything seems like it’s trying to kill you, humans created God is sky in an attempt to make sense out of it.

Here is an example.


Imagine being chased every week by a race if bloodthirsty strangers whose language you can’t decipher. You will need to figure out some way of dealing with this horror on daily basis.So, we invented stories about these villains and heroic figures who defeated them.

Here is a question.

As we started to understand the mechanics of our existence, we did we continue to propagate these moralistic and idealistic tales?

2. Control. The Greatest Use Of Fear Is Control.


You are the leader of a ancient civilisation & you increase the Tax. When the subjected population rises just tell them it is the will of GOD. 

Is everyone rebelling because you sent half of the city to their deaths in a pointless war? Just tell them You are fighting some other’s country’s God. 

Source Youtube

When a leader fears a rebellious populace. what is better than a giant sky wizard or an idealistic cultural to keep them in check?

This sense of control gives ruling class a safety & it also gives sense of security to population as it is a promotion to unity.

Helps us meeting new people

Source Youtube

Shared religions and myths helps us forms new bonds & helps us meet new people from which we might afraid of.

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