Shocking Things Public Is Not Supposed To Know

Your heroes are cheat. Did you know that? Sorry but it is true and if you ever got punched in the face in front of cop they do not have to do a single thing. There are lot of things which normal public like you and me do not know & we are not even supposed to know these things. It is claimed that many of the historic events are altered & many facts are hidden. Some of the characters qualities are kept hidden of our famous iconic role models. Sometimes rules of some sports or politics behind famous events are hidden. These things are kept hidden due to betterment of us. These things can harm peace of our world. Some can even create riots. Sometimes facts are kept for the benefits of some powerful people. But it is for sure there are lot of things which are kept hidden from us & we as the public need to know because may somethings are not as we see them. Truth is our basic right.

So here are some of the things which we are not supposed to know.

1. Sports & International Games Are Full Of Cheat.


The idea that some men and women cheat seems pretty obvious. Over the history many famous names have been exposed. Nations like russia and old east germany have even state sponsored this cheating activities.

But Do You Know, Some people are born to never fail a dope test. Yes, no matter how high they are, in the test they will always pass. And some techniques are so advanced that even authorities do not know how to test them.


One out of ten humans with european accessory posses a special gene called UG t-b-17 and these people always pass the doping test when common methods are used.

One in five africans have this gene too. In many asian countries it can be as common as two out of three. Thousands of athletes around the world including sprinters, soccer players could all be cheating and getting away with it.

Cheating athletes are always ahead of the curve. For example human growth hormone was banned in 1989 but they did not have an effective test for it until now. So the results for many athletics events have been changed when cheaters were discovered.


This is a common occurrence in track and field events and there is one famous example came from the women 1500 meter race at 2012 olympics.

Here is how the race was finished.

Source Youtube

Here is the Same picture after cheaters are removed.

Source Youtube

Only these two players were honest and of them were dopers. This shows how common the cheating is.

We now have only these solutions

  1. We stop testing and let everyone take whatever they want
  2. Just stop watching sports.

2. Law Is Protecting Itself. There Are So Many Lies In The Law.


If you ever find yourself being attacked then don’t rely on the police because in most of the us states police don’t have to protect you. Citizens who have been stalked by a known or shot by mentally unstable officers or have their emergency called ignored are all unable to sue and this is backed uo by law and the government.

You can challenge the law.

Source Wikimedia

Let’s say you are on the opposite side of the law & you have committed crime but if you can convince the jury that the law itself is wrong then law can be challenged.

This power is not widely known but it has been used throughout the history to defend people accused of helping the slaves, performing mercy killings. So if you are found guilty then you can convince a jury that law itself is wrong.

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