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Famous People Who Took Huge Secrets With Them To Grave

World is full of secrets. Some secrets got with time & some got out after someone’s death. There are some personal secrets which are beneficial on personal level which are mainly ignored by whole world. On the other side there are secrets which are beneficial for whole world. Believe me or not but some secrets will never got out. There are famous inventions by nikola tesla which were gone with him. There were ideas which could change our entire world but were gone with their founders or never got out from their origins. Some secrets were so famous and mysterious that we are still searching for them even after chances of their recovery is less than one percent. But we keeps on trying because world is full of mysterious & we never know what is coming next!

Now we are talking about famous people who died taking either personal or a scientific secret to the grave with them.

1. Benjamin Franklin.


He is the founding father of America. This man had a bit of a reputation with ladies & in the process he ended up with a son of mysterious origin.

The name of son was “William”. Franklin was secretive about who was the mother of that son. Some says that he was born before he married to Deborah Read. This will make this son illegal. Some of them also says that he was result of franklin’s affair with a prostitute. The Real mother or origin of that son is still unknown & that secret was gone with him.

2. Captain William Thompson (The Lost Treasure Lima).


In 1820, during the war of peruvian war of independence the city of lima needed to keep their treasure secure. They decided to move their treasure to mexico. Captain william and his crew were to transfer the treasure which was valued around $208 Millions. 

The crew went rogue by killing the guards and priests on board. They snagged the loot for themselves.

Cocos Island

They supposedly buried the loot at Cocos Island (Today costa rica) but were captured.

Thomson and the crew were allowed to live if they show the treasure’s location to the spanish but when they got to island the captain and the crew escaped. They were never heard of again & took the treasure & the secret location with them. Source

3. The Lost Non-Toxic Heat Resisting Plastic “Starlite” (World Changing Technology).


In 1980’s Ward Maurice invented that could change our world. After the manchester aircraft crash ward was inspired and began to create Non-Toxic heat resistant plastic. After some time it created an material with very high heat resisting properties.

His invention was named Starlite by his granddaughter. Many companies contacted him to get the formula. Ward declined believing starlite too valuable. In 2011, he passed away & took his secret with him. Even his wife or children did not knew how to make it. So starlite was faded from the word.

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