Mysterious Lost Continent Of INDIA “Kumari Kandam” Stranger Than Atlantis Island

When you heard the word “Lost Continent”, always the Lost Empire of Atlantis Comes to Mind. Atlantis is a mythical lost island which had an advanced civilisation for that time. It is also said that the whole place had an tragic end when ocean consumed it. No one actually knows whether Atlantis truly existed or not. Do you know? atlantis is not the only island which is lost now. A Very similar story has been told in INDIA too but is less popular as compared to atlantis. This lesser known island is called “Kumari Kandam”. 

So, Let’s talk about this mysterious lost continent.



Kumari Kandam is a lost island which is located south of the today’s India that occupied a large portion of the Indian ocean. It is also referred as kumari nadu. This massive land under the ocean is believed to be the home of an ancient tamil civilisation. Tamils are now the largest existing ethno-linguistic culture groups today.

It is also believed that the kumari kandam was a landmass which used to connect south India and africa.

Connections to the Lost land of lemuria.


For the last two centuries it is declared that this lost continent is also the hypothesized lost land of lemuria which was developed in 1890’s by western scholars and this brings us to the latter part of 19th century when many scholars in the usa and europe were puzzled by the geological similarities between India, Madagascar and africa. For Example.

India and Madagascar were part of one landmass.

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English geologist “Philip Collider” pondered over the possible reason why there is a presence of lemur fossils in madagascar.and india but not in the middle east. Later in 1864 he published an article suggesting that India and Madagascar were parts of a larger landmass. This article was initially welcomed by members of scientific community but later it was discarded because continental drift theory was widely accepted.


Until the 20th century it was popular in tamil culture that lemuria and kumari kandam was the same land. According to the tamil revivalists, Kumari kandam was the land of worthy kings where the first tamil literature known as Sangam was established. In 1920’s these tamil revivalists tried to reduce the the domination of the indo-aryans and sanskrit by claiming that it was actually the long lost kumari kandam that was the homeland and the birthplace of their civilisation & language. They also refer it as Cradle of human civilization. 

When kumari kandam was swallowed by ocean and lost, tamil people had no choice but to migrate to different parts of the world where they established new civilisation.

How do we know this?


Various tamil and sanskrit literature from ancient and medieval times contains legends about about a land located at the south of India that was consumed by the ocean. A catastrophic event believed to have caused by tsunami or a flood.

for example a commentary in the irony rock opera which is written in tamil poetics from the medieval times.mentions the kings of early tamil dynasties and their efforts to form three sangams that lasts forever. commentary also reveals that two of these sangams were seized by the ocean which ultimately led to loss of many ancient writings.


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