Amazing Facts About Human Body That Will Wow You

Human Body is marvelous and it took almost 3.8 Billions Years to evolve to what it is today from a single cell. More we know about our body the more medicine we can make to keep our body healthy and fit. No matter how much we know about our body, we will always learn something new about our body and it will amaze us. Here are some facts about our body which will wow you.

1. We Shed Different type of tears depending on the reason we’re crying. When we put tears due to grief, hope, happy or onions under the microscope. All shows unique structure.

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We produce three types of tears. Basal tears are produced naturally to keep our eye wet and healthy. Reflex tears are produced due to irritation by some foreign particles, chemicals, onions or when eating spicy food or sudden exposure to light. Crying tears are those which occurs due to emotional pain, stress, happiness. All these tears have different composition because they all are meant for different situations.


2. Our Brain filter outs lots of information received from eyes. For example, our eyes see our nose all the time but we are unable to see it because brain filter out this information.

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Sensory “gating” or filtering is a neurological process which filters out all the unnecessary or redundant information from the environment. Information such as the blinking of your eyes, the clothes on your skin, breathing, swallowing, or your tongue moving to a comfortable position in your mouth is received by our brain all the time but it is filtered by our brain. (Source)

3. In case of a dangerous and stressful situation, your blood starts to thickens. Body does that to encourage clotting in case of a physical injury. That is why stress often causes heart attacks.

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When our body experience anxiety or stress, a set of responses begin in our body to help us deal with it. In a study blood samples were taken from group of people who were experiencing anxiety and stress and on the other side they took blood sample from healthy normal people. When tested blood of people with anxiety was very thick as compared to blood of normal people. Scientists believes that this is the reason why people with stress have a higher chances of heart attacks (Source)

4. Your Eyes actually see past not present because it took  around thirteen milliseconds for your brain to perceive images after they actually happen.

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In an MIT research project, many subjects were shown series of six to twelve photos , each image was lasting for thirteen to eighty milliseconds, gradually decreasing the exposure period from eighty to thirteen milliseconds. They were asked to look for a particular type of image in them. Professor Mary Potter, who was one of the researchers in the study, conducted a similar study previously and found that we humans could recognize images that were seen for as little time as one hundred milliseconds. But, in the new study, she found that the brain can recognize them for as less as thirteen milliseconds, which was the fastest rate at which the computer monitor they used could display the images. (Source)

5. There is actually a blind spot in our vision, but our brain fills the Gap.

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The Blind spot is very common in us. It is because the light-detecting photoreceptor cells are absent in the area where the optic nerve passes through the retina. Because of that, the corresponding field of vision becomes invisible as no light is detected from there by our eyes.(Source)

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